Women in Anime

There are countless strong men in anime and in all forms of media. When you think of anime, males are the first to pop into mind. Although women are always present, not many leave a mark. Seeing as March is Women’s history month and today’s Women’s Day, I decided to write this post up highlighting … More Women in Anime

Kino’s Journey Episode 2: Colosseum Thoughts

Episode two is titled Colosseum and that explains this episode perfectly. Although Kino has a pretty good poker face, you can tell she gets angry when she arrives at her next destination. It’s not necessarily the country itself, but rather something the guards tell her. While the focus is more on the story of each … More Kino’s Journey Episode 2: Colosseum Thoughts

Blog Update!

Well… I’ve been gone for quite the while. Sorry about that. I was planning to keep up with my posts over winter break but a lot of things came up. I also haven’t been watching much, if any, anime. I guess Medaka Box really took all my energy for watching anime out of me. To … More Blog Update!