My Top 5 Anime of 2018

My first post of the year! I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I do have a few drafts in the making. To wrap up the last year I would like to dedicate a post to the five anime I enjoyed watching the most. This list is on what I watched and not what came out in 2018 as I included a few oldies. I won’t be going to in depth on the anime in this list, but rather go over what I enjoyed most and maybe my least favorite aspects of the anime. So, without further ado, onto the list!

#5: Assassination Classroom


I enjoyed the comedy side of this anime best. Although the situations the characters got in would turn out quite dangerous, there was always a moment that would make you laugh to break the tension. There were moments where you would be thrown for an emotional rollercoaster, especially the ending! Oh how I almost cried at the end! You would get to feel almost at the personal level what each individual has gone through and how, despite the school and some family being a constant force for them to overcome, they would come out stronger and wiser after each obstacle. To me, this anime spoke more on personal growth. Although it can be a bit cheesy or dumb to relate with fictional characters, I found myself feeling a personal connection at times. I know I don’t have the hardest life out here, but I can be a very sensitive person at times and this anime helped me get over a few negative thoughts of mine. I also enjoyed three of the four opening themes but I felt that all four helped convey the feelings of each arc they represented.

#4: My Hero Academia

my hero academia cover art

I have never been into superheroes. I can name a few but ask me something about the DC/Marvel universe and I’ll have nothing to say. But while those failed My Hero Academia prospered! When I began watching MHA, I enjoyed the colorful atmosphere it has. Although some might disagree with me, this anime felt a bit refreshing for me to watch. It doesn’t do much, if anything, new when compared to the countless others that came before it, but the characters and universe the author has created are fascinating to me. Every character has their own ‘feel’ and bring something interesting into the anime. I do think there are many common tropes scattered about, like the protagonist going from zero to hero and whatnot, but it hasn’t bothered me before why would it now? The opening themes have also been enjoyable.

#3: HunterxHunter

hunterxhunter cover art

This was one of the first anime I watched last year. I didn’t know much about it but I decided to give it a watch after being introduced to it via J-Stars Victory Vs. Although I like action packed anime the most, HunterxHunter has a stronger hold on storytelling. There are fights here and there, but if you are looking to watch this you will need to settle with having lots of dialogue. There isn’t much of a plot or end goal of this anime. It began with Gon searching for his father, but that came to a close and has now transitioned into more of a “explore the vast world around you”. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m curious about the universe created for this story but I’m going to wait a very long time for that to happen. That’s my main complaint, but I think it was put on hold due to the author experiencing medical problems. I believe the manga has recently continued so the anime might be getting rebooted soon. The creator of this anime also made YuYu Hakusho, which is another classic.

#2: Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 crunchyroll

I confuse Mob Psycho 100 and Psycho Pass a lot due to their names. Although they are both well made, I gave this spot to Mob Psycho 100. Watching this can make me feel as if I’m on drugs with its unique character designs and psychedelic opening, it was a wild ride from start to finish. This anime comes from the creator of One Punch Man (OPM), and the fights mimic OPM’s as well. My least favorite trope in any and all anime is when the protagonist doesn’t get the recognition or respect they so obviously deserve. Although this doesn’t really change for Mob, it does get better. I don’t know what I loved more; the perfectly timed comedic bits or the few action packed fights! There is only one season completed, but season two has already been announced! Actually, I think it is set to premiere his month, but I’ve been getting conflicted answers and Crunchyroll has yet to update the episode list…

#1: Hitman Reborn

hitman reborn choice arc

For my number one spot, I chose Hitman Reborn. This anime is very underrated, but I do admit that it takes a very, very long time to get immersed with this one, but highly advise you to give it either a watch or to read the manga. In most anime you root for the good guys, but that’s a bit difficult to do for this one since it’s the mafia. The Italian mafia to be exact. The protagonist, Tsuna, is one of the wimpiest characters I have ever seen. It did take me awhile to stop complaining about him, but once you see him in action… oh lordy was it beautiful (I love his eyes)! I do have several complaints about this series, but it was overall enjoyable. I do wish the anime covered the entire manga, but unfortunately it doesn’t. I’m not a fan of reading manga but I’ll have to if I want more of the story. Although this is supposed to be based around Tsuna eventually taking over the Vongola family, there is very little mafia activities. But yet again, what do I know about the mafia? This can be an exact representation of them for all I know.

Honorable Mentions:

  • YuYu Hakusho

I might do a review on this series later on, but for now I do recommend watching this. It was a bit nostalgic for me since I remember seeing it on TV sometimes as a kid. Unlike its counterpart, HunterxHunter, there is far more action.There is no real goal to achieve here either, but the story goes forward either way.

I wasn’t too hyped about watching a sport anime but my opinion quickly changed. I am stuck waiting for a new season to be released, but the episodes currently available are a good beginning. I do find myself laughing a bit at the show’s attempt to play up the characters but its intense nonetheless.

Very hilarious while also being cutesy. Don’t always want something filled with action to watch and this anime does a good job at filling up some down time. Unfortunately there are only twelve episodes so I’ll have to make due with the manga for now.

  • Sket Dance

Another comedy gold mine. There are certain arcs that take a very different turn from what is a usually bright and cheerful anime. The backstories, for example threw me for a loop and left me in disbelief with the turn they took. I wish my high school life was as interesting as this anime makes it out to be!

  • Psycho Pass

As mentioned before, I confuse Psycho Pass and Mob Psycho 100 a lot. It’s not because they are similar, I‘m just not smart. This anime takes place in the future where machinery dictates a person’s job choices and whether they are fit for society or not. There isn’t much action involved but certain moments do get intense.


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