Episode two of How to Keep a Mummy. We get to meet more of the cast, even if it’s just a glance. This episode takes place at Sora and Tazuki’s school. I know I’m just looking too deep into things, but I noticed a few references from other medias.


Broken record time, but I just can’t unsee Tsunayoshi Sawada from Hitman Reborn being Sora. They look so alike! Despite the more orange hair and height, of course. You’ll probably get tired of hearing me say that, but I don’t intend to stop until someone else agrees with me! I swear even the creators know this, so they added a similar looking a character as seen in the image to the left! Although I will admit that it’s your basic, average looking background character… I’ll just think of this being an alt universe where Tsuna doesn’t get involved with the mafia. Sora does show some capability as seen when he jumps to Mii-kun’s rescue, so I might not be too far off on this theory of mine!

Mii-kun is still trying to help out with chores, but he’s too small to really do anything. Well Sora makes him a tiny knife to cut cucumbers with which is too adorable not gonna lie. He was so happy just being able to chop and be helpful. If he had a smile, it’d be one worth protecting. I know this is more of a slice-of-life kind of anime, but Sora does show some potential when it comes to athleticism.


Our protag is also the typical average/below average student, but thankfully Tazuki is there to help! Going to help Sora study is another chance to try and ‘study’ Mii-kun, but it won’t be easy. Food is the way to Mii-kun’s heart, so Tazuki actually manages to snatch him up, but why does he immediately try and undo the bandages to try and see what’s under. I mean, I’m also curious but isn’t that a bit pervy? Sora shows his protective side and can be a bit scary when he wants to be! He might have a point though, what if Mii-kun’s bandages are the equivalent of our skin, so trying to undo them will be… bad. In the end Tazuki does manage to earn Mii-kun’s trust and all it took was dog food.

So, for four days straight, Sora has found him dehydrated so it might be best to start taking him along to school, but there are just too many things that can go wrong with this! And boy do things go bad. Now, I mentioned earlier that I see references from Hitman Reborn, well the scenes at school remind me of Persona 5 (P5)! Just like our protag takes Morgana in his bag and keeps him either there or in his desk, so does Sora with Mii-kun. Tazuki sits behind Sora so there’s less of a chance that he’ll get caught unlike in P5 where the student behind us just brushes everything off because reasons?? Also, at school we do meet the other two in the intro. The boys seem to know the girl but the blond boy just makes a short appearance before walking away, seeming depressed. The girl, Motegi, sees Mii-kun but is convinced that it’s just a doll. Sora surprised everyone by saying she can have it, but he meant a doll similar. He made three of them pretty quickly and let her take one. This is where things go bad.


He had lined them up in a row and unknowingly Mii-kun was mixed with the fakes and, of course, she took him without anyone noticing. Thankfully, next is P.E so they’ll have a chance to get him back. Sora is actually quite fast so he was able to finish early and have enough time to go search for Mii-kun. However, Mii-kun wasn’t sitting around waiting to be found. He was left at the girl’s locker room which conveniently had a crack in a wall for him to walk through. Everything was going smoothly… until he runs into a rat. Not gonna lie though, that rat looked possessed with its red eyes and all. At least the rat chased him outside, where Sora and Tazuki were so they did reunite in the end!


But with everything that just happened, will Mii-kun continue to go to school? If I was accidently given away, lost and chased around by a rat I’d brave the few hours I’m left to myself at home. Which, by the way, does Sora’s sister/mother/relative (still don’t know who she is) even know about the little mummy? I think it’ll be best if they just identify the reason why Mii-kun is always dehydrated when Sora comes back from school despite drinking water on his own. Anyways, Mii-kun decides that going to school is better than being left alone so he’ll continue to brave it. The preview for the next episode showed Sora sick, but it looks like we’ll get more screen time with his relative so maybe my questions will finally get answered.