PSN Name Change!

Finally! Playstation will be allowing you to change your online PSN ID name. Oh how I’ve waited for this moment! You will no longer be tied down by a ridiculous name you picked when you were 12, or am the only one with this problem? I know I’m making a big deal out of this, … More PSN Name Change!

Is My Hero One’s Justice Worth the $60?

My Hero One’s Justice, My Hero Academia’s newest game, will be coming out on the 26th of October (North America release date). If you pre-ordered the game, you’d be getting Endeavor as a playable character as pre-order DLC. The game has already dropped in Japan with several youtubers already playing the game. My question is … More Is My Hero One’s Justice Worth the $60?

Persona 5 Review

My Feelings About the Game: This is my first Persona game ever. I kept hearing about this game in some online forums here and there, so I decided to buy it and give it a try. Halfway through the game, I fell in love with it! I even ended up customizing my phone with the … More Persona 5 Review